воскресенье, 8 мая 2016 г.

Dear colleagues, children, parents and grandparents!
The 9th of May is a great holiday - Victory Day celebrated not only in Russia but all over the world! The Great Patriotic War against the fascist invaders was over on this day in 1945. The German agressor was finally defeated but the cost of our victory was too high for us! We have lost over 27 million people - soldiers and civilians.
Victory Day is truly a holiday with tears in people's eyes. We honour our dear veterans and go to the monuments of those heroes who gave their lives for our freedom and independence to put flowers in their memory and show our gratitude.

Весна сорок пятого года...
Как ждал тебя синий Дунай
Народам Европы свободу
Принёс жаркий солнечный май
На площади Вены спасённой
Собрался народ стар и млад
На старой, израненной в битвах гармони,
Вальс русский играл наш солдат

Помнит Вена,
Помнят Альпы и Дунай
Тот цветущий и поющий
Яркий май
Вихри венцев в русском вальсе
Сквозь года
Помнит сердце,
Не забудет никогда!